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Ever thought about being in a fashion magazine?

Our fashion magazine can make it happen! For all sizes & shapes, ages, types, ethnic backgrounds, and professions. You don't need to have any modeling experience, and you do not need to be signed to an agent or audition for a photo shoot: all you need to do is check out our unique packages and discover the amazing opportunity to experience a Vogue like photo shoot just like a top professional model, even if it's only for your own fun and memories!

With Model Shrink's unique offers, you'll get a complete makeover and photo session from some of NYC's most talented photographers and artists. Millions of people will see your shoots in our magazines, distributed in selected stores and online or simply as a keepsake.

Is it your birthday? Getting married? You will automatically be on the cover! 

Looking for a fun time?! Be your own model and consider our fashion magazine Model Shrink and make an appointment today to discuss your photo shoot by filling out our short and easy form!


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It can be difficult to receive the exposure you need to be successful in the model, beauty, or fashion industry. Model Shrink Magazine is the exposure vantage you need to be seen by millions including top clients and agencies in the fashion world. We offer tear sheets and a variety of services with benefits to help you stand out from the competition. We are devoted to high standards of marketing and will exceed your expectations of exposure marketing within your industry.

Whether you are a model, photographer, clothing designer, make-up artist, writerhair or wardrobe stylist, or even a client searching for advertisement - with Model Shrink's unique offers, millions of people will see your shoots in our magazines, distributed in selected stores and online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did someone say you can shoot for a fashion magazine without a contract with a modeling agency? The answer is yes!

Almost everyone wants to be seen in a fashion magazine and on newsstands, but they think it cannot be a reality unless they look like a fashion model signed to an exclusive modeling agency in New York City. Not anymore! Our magazine makes it possible for all shapes, ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds to be seen in a magazine. Everyone; including your mom, sister, brother, etc. can now experience what it is like to be in a fashion magazine shooting with top photographers, make-up artists, and hair stylists with high end designer wear. 

What is Model Shrink's magazine perfect for?

Our magazine is perfect for birthday parties and weddings. Why? For instance, the birthday girl or guy will automatically be on the cover of our magazine and the attendees along with the birthday girl or guy will be inside of the magazine shooting a high fashion photo shoot. Isn't that amazing? Model Shrink's magazine is also great for new models who need editorials for their portfolio and undiscovered make-up artists, designers, hair stylists, writers, and photographers.

As a creative artist such as a photographer, model, etc. what kind of pictures should I submit?

Please keep in mind that we are a family-oriented faith based magazine. We do not accept drugs & alcohol or nudity, or any other sexual content. We are looking for character, style, something new & aspiring, and a killer photographer who knows lighting and angles. If you are not sure your pictures will be accepted please send your photos to info@modelshrink.com before purchasing.

Do you only have one type of magazine?

We have our classic people edition but we also have our special editions such as our teen, bridal, kids, and fashion edition.

How can you shoot for Model Shrink's magazine? 

This is the quickest and easiest way to become a Cover Girl or Guy! Get glammed up and choose from our 775 new looks you would love to shoot in. After filling out the form above and being approved please click here.

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