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The good, the bad, the ugly, the untold erotic story shared through the eyes of a New York City fashion model Elizabeth Tight who has a secret life that is not so glamorous. This suspenseful novel is filled with celebrity and reckless relationships. From teenage abuse to adulthood drama, dirty little secrets, lies, and juicy sex scandals, Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model: The Fugitive’s Girlfriend is guaranteed to keep your eyes glued to the pages.

This twisted tale is also a conversational story of romance and danger. Is it truth or fantasy? You decide. Let the crime mystery begin! 

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Model Shrink is a lifestyle and this month we are here to help improve your authentic self throughout the month of love. How? Enjoy our giveaways and discounts AlL MONTH LONG starting with a free download of secret chronicles of a fashion model: the fugitive's girlfriend on kindle beginning february 14th. Happy Valentines Month!


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1) In one sentence what is Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model: The Fugitive’s Girlfriend about? The book is an erotic venture about a fashion model's life that is not so glamorous.  

2) What genre would we find Brooke’s book under? This stimulating book has a little bit of everything: romance, crime, suspense, and mystery. But you will find it under drama.

3) When will we see Brooke’s next book? Click here to view several of Brooke's Book but look out for The Break Up in the Spring of 2017 for the return of more drama. 

4) How did Brooke become an author? Fashion model Brooke Gantt turned author has been featured in some of the hottest magazines in the world, graced the runways of some of the most exclusive fashion shows, appeared in numerous commercials, videos, and television shows but it wasn’t until Brooke saw the need to write, produce, and direct a play called, A Word - Do Video Girls Have All the Fun? The play is about the fashion world geared towards helping teens with self esteem which lead her into writing her first novel, Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model: The Fugitive’s Girlfriend.

5) Where does Brooke get her book ideas? Anywhere and everywhere, but mostly at night before she falls to sleep, in the middle of the night, or in the morning before she wakes for the day. We can guarantee that wherever she is, she is thinking about her next project. She says, “I absorb inspiration so I can never turn off my passion for writing. I watch and effectively listen to life. I drive my friends crazy, but I’m blessed to have my circle of friends and family who understand me.”

6) Does Brooke write every day? What is her writing process? Brooke can write from morning to night with a few breaks, of course. Once she sets her mind on something you can not stop her. It took a month to write Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model: The Fugitive’s Girlfriend.

7) Will Brooke write a story for me? Brooke is not a ghost writer and does not read or accept story ideas from others. She already has numerous ideas of her own and will never have time to write about all of them. If you have an idea for a story, consider hiring a professional ghost writer or don’t underestimate yourself. Right your ideas down on paper and start writing! Please do not e-mail Brooke with a story idea; she will not see it. 

8) Will Brooke read my manuscript and give me her opinion? Brooke does not read or accept manuscripts from others.

9) Does Brooke have any advice for aspiring authors? Brooke says, “Life is easy when you know your purpose. Once you know writing is your purpose sustain your passion and write about what interest you.”  

10) Can Brooke suggest a good agent/good publisher? Writers Digest, Gotham Writers, Writers Market and your local librarian are great resources for writers.

11) When is the next book signing event? Click here for personal appearances.

12) May I send Brooke a book to be signed? While Brooke would like to be able to sign books for every fan, at this time she does not accept books for signature. She can not honor every request she receives, and she doesn’t think it’s fair to say yes to some and no to others. Plus, our small office is not set up to sell, receive or ship books. You may instead visit Brooke at her next book signing to receive an autograph.

13) How many books may I bring to a book signing? Some bookstores have policies about what you can bring to their store, as a courtesy, always check with the store first. Brooke does not limit the number of books she will sign at events. However, we ask that you purchase at least one of Brooke’s novels from that store.

14) When does the website post updated locations and appearance dates? Please click hereWe post appearance dates as soon as we’ve confirmed them.

15) How can I contact Brooke? If you have a comment or specific question click on Ask Me AnythingConstructive criticism is welcome, but we delete inappropriate and mean correspondence before it even gets to Brooke.

16) Does Brooke read her e-mail? She does. But because of the large volume of e-mail she receives and her writing schedule she can not personally answer e-mails. One of Brooke’s team members will respond to you, but please be patient, as she receives hundreds of e-mails each week.

17) How do I book Brooke to speak at an event? Click Ask Me Anything to set a possible day. 

18) What’s next? Stay tuned!


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