Q: What is Model Shrink®?

A: Model Shrink® is a lifestyle! We provide a fun and convenient way to ask questions about the fashion world. Model Shrink®  also provides industry related products and services for everyone.  

Q: What if I'm not a model. Are there opportunities for me at Model Shrink®?

A: Yes. Model Shrink® is open to all ages, ethnic backgrounds and cultures, male and female; preferably between the ages of 13-24 years old. If you are not part of the modeling world it's nice to know where models shop or where they eat, so you can learn how to look and feel your very best every day. Whether you are a model or not please click on EventsMagazine, and Books for entertainment, products, and services for everyone.


Q: What does fashion model Brooke Gantt hope you get from visiting this site?

A: Brooke says, "When I first thought about creating this site I thought if nothing else this will be the go to site for information about the fashion world. But then after the idea came about this site actually has information that could help everyone in any profession."


Q: Does Brooke have any advice for aspiring models?

A: Brooke says, "Life is easy when you know your purpose. Once you know modeling is your purpose sustain your passion and do your research to find out as much as possible to avoid mistakes and talking to the wrong people."