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Documentary on How to Become a Model in 28 Days (Pilot)

Scouting for 4 people that can act as best friends to feature in an upcoming documentary pilot about moving from Baltimore to New York City to pursue their dreams. Roles available are a model, lawyer, actress, teacher, etc. This documentary will be based on a workshop called “How to Become a Model in 28 Days." Please note! WE ARE NOT JUST LOOKING FOR FASHION MODELS; we are looking for people who can incorporate what they have learned from our workshop into their professional career. This documentary will show how the industry can make or break you.  

Send us a few (no more than 10) sentences about who you are and why you will be a good candidate for this project (we want a good sense of your personality). Candidates can either be graduating from college, has a spouse/partner, a professional job or young kids, etc. Send a recent photo and the day you would like to audition to

Filming time will be held on August 31st at 9:00 am (other dates will be determined). Actors will need to be comfortable having a camera crew follow them around recording your everyday experience.

Audition Dates & Times:

August 24th - 6-8 pm,
August 25th - 1-2 pm , August 26th - 1-2 pm, August 27th - 1-2 pm, August 28th -  4-6 pm