Freestyle Fridays - Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model: The Fugitive's Girlfriend Book Excerpt

Part of the Introduction

Secret Chronicles of a Fashion Model:

The Fugitive’s Girlfriend

“Stop! Please, stop! I won’t do it again!” Elizabeth cried. She screamed in pain with terror in her eyes. The rage in Elizabeth’s voice was not being used to fight for world peace but to persuade her boyfriend Casmir from choking her with a cord and sexually attacking her.

     “Shut up!” he growled. A flood of tears gushed down her red flushed cheeks. Elizabeth screamed louder, as the phone cord wrapped tighter around her neck. Her boyfriend’s one-eyed snake protruded deeper into her bruised anal cavity, face down, ass up. She dares not move, in fear of being slapped in the back of her head by his unforgiving hand.

     Thus far, this was the most degrading abuse Elizabeth had endured by Casmir. The gun he once pointed at her or the pillow he suffocated her with until he decided Elizabeth could breathe again could not even compare. The feeling…the reckless pain at its best would be hard to describe, but Casmir knew having sex through the back door was the worst kind of intercourse for her, so he used it for punishment.

     Even so, it still did not stop Elizabeth from rashly returning to Casmir’s arms, shamefully happy they were still together.

     “I love you,” Casmir whispered by her ear.

     “I – love – you, too,” Elizabeth murmured slowly.

     “Don’t ever go to the store again without asking me, first,” he said. Elizabeth and Casmir made love like nothing ever happened.

     As the plot thickens, this shocking, unforgettable, and emotional rollercoaster ride of love will reveal a chain of events that no one should ever have to endure. Leave your comfort zone and get ready to enter the unbelievable and unreal wilderness of a manhunt with blood at the end, involving a lost but beautiful, biracial 15-year-old young lady. She goes by the name Elizabeth Tight…not Liz or Beth, just Elizabeth.

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