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Let's get started on talking about relationships by ending our month of love with some tough love...

Remember the “tag” game you used to play in your childhood days? You know the game where you tag a person and say, “You’re it!” And then that person tags another person and yell, “You’re it!” Well ladies, a lot of us have labeled ourselves as the “it” girl. How? Say for instance, you are dating an abusive or married man, sorry ladies he has tagged you as the “it” girl.  Yet, this game does not necessary require you to stay in the game but you have accepted it and now you are waiting for him to basically kill you slowly until he tags the next girl. A game you don't have to play.

A Cycle With Passion

What is an "it" girl saying...”I want to have an affair. I want to be abused.” How so? For instance; let’s say you are dating a married man, congrats you are the quote on quote the "it" girl. What makes it worst is you allowed the guy to make you his "it" girl. Whether he approached you or not you had the power to say no and make the choice of not playing this game. But now you will accept everything that comes with being an "it" girl which is enduring the bad karma, the consequences, and despite the fact that you may have a good time, wait until the bad karma knocks on your door and the next “it” girl comes along and takes your place. Such a cycle with passion, right?

The worst part is, this venomous cycle will keep going from generation to generation. Facing the bad karma while “The” girl which is the man’s wife, his daughter, his mother or his grandmother is reaping all the good karma and everything that seems to be the best – the respect, the cars, the big house and so on. And yeah the man and “The” girl may get a divorce, but she will still remain “The” girl because she gets the alimony, child support, etc. In other words making yourself the "it" girl is not the game to play especially when you have control over "it."

Find Out How to be “The” Girl and Not the “it” Girl

So, you are the “it” girl? Will you consider it as a trap making you miss out on a relationship that you are really dreaming of? You my friend have the CHOICE to either be with the man that’s for you or be in a toxic relationship. And, if you choose the toxic relationship you cannot blame anyone but yourself since it was your choice.

Will you still play?

One moment in your life, you wish to be “The” girl rather being the “it” girl. But, what will you do to be “The” girl? If somebody tags you hear that voice in your head, “You’re it!” and ask yourself will you play the game or refuse and walk away as fast as you can?

Now it’s cool to be the “it” girl in Hollywood but that’s a fantasy this is real life. Simply, make right choices for you. And remember we all have been down a road where we had to make a decision that was not easy but remember it’s you choice. So look at all parts of your life such as your career and your relationships and see where you can be "The" girl and not the "it" girl.